5 Easy steps to grow your Instagram!

Hi Everyone & welcome to my newest post!

I just wanted to start by saying- I am definitely not an expert, but these 5 steps are tried and tested by yours truly and I have found they work really well!

So please dive in!

A quick bit of backstory…

A couple of weeks ago, one of my good friends (a super smart career driven woman) suggested that one of her friends talk to me about his social media presence.

Initially I thought to myself, I’m not sure how much knowledge or help I have to give anyone on the subject… but as we started talking and I started asking him questions, I came to realise I might know a little more than I thought!

Now just a bit of a disclaimer- this post is for people who are in for the long haul!

Growing your Instagram takes time and patience… if you don’t have these, then there’s no way you’ll get your Insta to a level you’re truly happy with.

Ok, so humour me, this next part is important.

I want you to take 2 minutes and write down your answers to these 4 questions: 

1. What is your main goal on social media?

2. What is your page all about? (photography, makeup, craft etc)

3. How will your page be unique?

4. What page(s) do you aspire to be like?

For the purpose of this article, I will talk solely about my crochet page- but these steps can be applied to a whole range of Instagram pages, so give it a go!

OK, so now that we’ve answered the four questions above, we’ll move on.

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Cozy Clusters baby blanket

Hi guys & gals! ❤

I am ridiculously excited to share with you my finished Cozy Clusters Baby Blanket!

I’ve been posting my progress on this blanket for what seems like ages now…

Really though, in between all of my other wips, it only took 2 months to make this one exactly right. Yay!

I kept the edging simple, just two rows of single crochet in Magenta. Im really happy with how neat & finished it makes it look!

I received so many lovely comments and feedback on this blanket, that I think I’m even more in love with it, because you’re all in love with it ❤️

I even held a giveaway a little while ago, where one lucky winner won the colour pack & pattern for this blanket.

I started my own #cozyclusterscal because so many people wanted to make this pattern! You can check out the hashtag on instagram to see all of the wonder makers and their Cozy cluster blankets!

So now that it’s all finished, I just had to go out in my backyard this afternoon and take these photos in the sun ☀️ Its amazing how good natural light makes crochet look!

It will be heading off to its new owner soon.. I’m a bit sad to part with it but I can’t wait to see a little bundle wrapped up in this stripey goodness! 😍

I took 500 photos to remember it by, just in case 😊

What do you think of my finished stripey Cozy Clusters baby blanket?

Until next time,

Ash xx


To celebrate my amazing 10K Instagram followers, I’m offering this great GIVEAWAY package!

I’ve heard all of your lovely comments so I am giving one lucky winner the chance to recreate my #cozyclusters baby blanket!

You will receive:

  • A pdf copy of the cozy clusters baby blanket pattern by Lee Lee Knits
  • 6 x balls of Stylecraft Special DK yarn (Stone, Turquoise, Aspen, Magenta, Clemantis and Wisteria)20170218_165813-01

To enter head over to Instagram:

  1. Like the competition post!
  2. Follow my Instagram page and Lee Lee Knits page
  3. Tag two friends in the comments who you think would love to win & make this baby blanket
  4. Share the Instagram post for 3 EXTRA entries! Make sure you use the hashtag #CC10Kgiveaway so I can find your entry!

Private pages must be public for your entry to count. Competition closes Friday 8th Sept at 12pm AEST. The winner will be drawn by random by Saturday 9th of September.

This giveaway is not affiliated with any external parties.

Best of luck & thank you again for all of your support! ❤

DIY outdoor planter

Hey guys!

Here I am again, just a quick one this time to let you know what’s been happening the past couple of days.

Long story short my BF and I bought our very first apartment back in March & we’ve been using artificial grass outside for our dog Sulla.

Now before you freak out, let me preface this post by saying that he gets walks twice a day and is the biggest laziest dog you ever did see.

He loves being indoors & snuggling on the couch so a massive outdoor space isn’t really for him.

The artificial grass was meant to be temporary until we built our own planter…

After a couple of months of laziness while taking some inspiration from Addison’s post on planting grass on concrete, we finally got our acts together & bought all the materials to make our very own proper DIY grass planter!

The space before

Part of the outdoor space with the artificial grass removed

First level of wood planters secured

Weed catcher attached to the bottom level

Sulla loved supervising but had no idea what was going on 😂

Second level secured!

Here he is… Still wondering…

Drove a trolley into the apartment because there was so much

Bags and bags of soil…

Of course we underestimated just how much we’d need…

PVC pipe connected to the drain temporarily. Steps, artificial turf & a tonne more soil!

The planter itself is about 2 metres squared. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a TA DAH post soon when we’re finished.

Look how happy Sulla looks already!

Right now it’s Sunday and we’ve thrown the artificial turf back on top for now. We’ve still got a fair bit of filling to go but I think we’ve made good progress in the last two days.

Next we’ll be planting the real grass turf, letting it settle in & grow!

I’m so excited to see how much Sulla enjoys it!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend & my post! 😊




July wrap up! 

Here we are, another month gone in 2017! So many exciting projects started this month & I hit an amazing milestone of over 7k Instagram followers 😃💖

I started a few great new projects in July, including my two main events the Cosy Clusters baby blanket by Lee Lee knits & the Stitched Up Craft Chevron.

I’ve been having a great time working on the Cosy clusters blanket, another stashbuster again (who would have guessed 😂) but I couldn’t let these amazing colours sit around forever! I decided that it’s going to be a gift for my cousin who’s due to have a little boy later this year.

The stripes are super quick and I think they work into a really effective pattern, I’m so happy with how the colours look together and the texture itself is to die for 😍

The yarn is Stylecraft special DK in the following colours: Stone, Turquoise, Aspen, Magenta, Clematis and Wisteria,… The same beautiful colours I used for my Scully blanket!


I’ve also had a great time pattern testing the #stitchedupcraftchevron for a great gal Kylie from @stitchedupcraft! This is a lovely smooth ripple blanket, super simple but very very effective…

The colour combination possibilities for this amazing blanket are absolutely endless, but I pulled out my @thepolkadotgiraffe yarn pegs, did some planning & chose this deep ombre palette

To be honest, I get asked a lot for gender neutral baby blankets and I cant stand them!!!

I love using other colour combinations that aren’t the typical yellow, green, white etc. Even though this colourway is a bit darker, I think the ombre shades look lovely together!

And seriously, who can go past a beautiful rippling ripple?! I always forget how soothing the process of making a ripple can be… perfect therapy for us crafters!

Once the pattern has been tested it will be up for sale in Kylie’s marvellous Etsy shop, I highly recommend trying it when you can!

One last project I started was the Campfire Cardigan by the Make and Do Crew.

Guys… this is such a great Cardi! From the moment I saw it I knew I had to make it.

I’m using Painbox Simply Aran yarn (first time user and LOVING it) in colours Bubblegum Pink, Blush Pink, Candyfloss Pink and Vanilla Cream! (grey I decided to keep for another secret project)

I found it a bit tricky transitioning to a thicker yarn and a massive massive crochet hook, but the biggest plus was that it worked up ridiculously fast.

I’m currently on part two of the tutorial and hoping to have it finished this week if I find time.

Anyway, time to love you and leave you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s wrap up!

Let me know what you’ve been up to this month by leaving me a comment below

Until next time…



Nothing happier than the Happy Throw!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Saturday from me to you, wherever you may be around the world!

I was pondering what I should post this week and realised it was about time to share one of my favourite blankets to date which I finished in May.


Its called the Happy throw and let me tell you, you cannot NOT be happy when you’ve got a happy throw 😀


It’s literally impossible. Just look at those rippling waves of colour!


They just go on forever… 

I saw this blanket on the lovely and talented Alex’s instagram page. I couldn’t get over her amazing colour choices & that ripply goodness.

Rather than literally copy her ridiculously good looking blanket, I chose to stashbust again… (I see a common theme running through this blog already, how about you?)


First day… Lipstick pink, Rosebud and Almond! 


Adding colours spontaneously as I went

This was such a great pattern to try. Very repetitive like a typical, zen like ripple blanket, this pattern is by Mamachee. It is definitely worth the small price for pure happiness! If you’d like to make your own, you can find the pattern here via this link to etsy.


Building little ridges!

I decided to make a lapghan sized blanket, the perfect size for snuggling on the couch.



African Violet 😍

I didn’t enjoy darning in those dreaded ends 😒


At one point I played yarn chicken and lost! Luckily I found some more of the same yarn stashed away…

This is yet another blanket that I made using my Bendigo woolen mills stash (its actually ridiculous how many blankets I seem to be able to get from this one stash) You can see my Rainbow Chevron & My Crochet Mood blanket 2015 here, both blankets use these beautiful colours.


Home made yarn pegs I made to keep track of the stash

I chose the colour order based on feeling and which I thought were most visually pleasing together as I went along… much like my Mood blanket!

I gifted this blanket to my sister in May as a surprise present.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 5.07.18 pm.png

Pretty sure she liked it 😉

Unlike some older projects, I made sure I took the time to take roughly 5000 different photos 😂


So incredibly happy with how it turned out!!!!


Don’t those colours just make your heart sing?


I’d love to see the projects that are making you happy right now! Please comment below, send me links, photos or whatever you’d like.

If the Happy Throw made you happy today… please let me know 😀

Until next time…



Rainbow Chevron

Hi Guys!

Today I’m sharing my new Rainbow Chevron!

First day starting the pattern…

Love the contrasting colours

It’s one of my many WIP’s at the moment. Its a great project because you can add little rows quickly whenever you have time. The downside of it is that you’re using single crochet for every row which means it takes aaaaaaages to get bigger :/

After a few hundred rows, finally some progress 😂


Love the ridgy effect of the ripple

I chose it because I’ve seen so many beautiful variations of them online at the moment. The lovely Kerry (@kerryandtheboys) has made some amazing colour combinations of this blanket… I just couldn’t resist trying it myself!

Kerry’s beauuuutiful chevrons! Check out her instagram

The only difference between the blankets is that I’m changing colour every row, instead of doing a big block stripe of colour. Seeing as this project is another stashbuster for me, I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn for larger sections… This way I can use ALL of my scraps!

It took me a while but I learned to love the effect that the single row of colour creates

The yarn I’m using is Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic and Luxury which is 100% Aussie wool 😍 it comes in so so many amazing colours and is great quality.
I’m using roughly 26 different colours from the range & they’re leftovers from my Crochet Mood Blanket from 2015


My Crochet Mood Blanket 2015

I think this will be a long running project but I’m looking forward to seeing it grow 😀

Hang tight for more updates on it soon!



Goodbye June… 

June Projects!

Here we are, bidding farewell to June & welcoming in July. I’m hoping that this month brings along a lot more positivity and creative opportunities. I feel like a lot of my energy got caught up in attempting to finish old projects I just didn’t have my heart in. I’m looking forward to July and some new exciting & fresh projects.

Loving the change in seasons and the leaves changing colours!


Even though I’ve said all of that I’ve made some great progress & actually finished a couple of projects I didn’t expect to have done.

I added a few extra rows onto my greatly neglected ombre wooleater

I pattern tested the Pastelova cushion cover which turned out amazing.

I posted the final reveal of my Super secret Scully Blanket 😁

I’ve meant well for the most part. But I do find it really hard to keep my crojo going when I compare my projects to other pages on Instagram, where these awesome people are capable of knocking over an entire blanket in like 3 days, no, sweat..
It’s hard to not compare but I just have to keep reminding myself that you’ve just got to run your own race…

Let me know what great new projects you’re looking forward to trying in July!



My Secret C2C project revealed!

So my very patient followers, I cannot wait to share with you my top secret C2C project!!!


Project colours in Stylecraft Special DK (left to right) Stone, Turquoise, Aspen, Magenta, Clematis, Wisteria

Yarn pegs by The Polka Dot Giraffe

I’ve been working on it for months, posting only snippets in photos. It’s actually been really really hard not to show progress updates in fear I would give the whole project away!

But here she FINALLY is!







Mama bear Scully showing it off


I’m calling it my Super Secret Scully blanket 😄❤️😄

My high school best friend is due to have a lovely little girl very soon and I wanted to surprise her with something special. Her and her hubby’s surname is Scully (they wouldn’t give little baby’s name away of course!) so I thought it was quite fitting. This way Mama bear, baby bunny and any future little Scully’s can use this blanket too!


Literally finished the border moments before I left for the baby shower

It measures 1 metre by 1.5 metres so it’s a perfect nursing/cot blanket. I sneakily asked Mama bear for the font she used on her baby announcement & went to work in secret.



The scallop border was my favourite part

I used a site called Stitchfiddle to create a graphghan- plotting each square to work the Scully into the blanket. For those of you new to the c2c method, you work clusters of double crochet diagonally, alternating between working up and down the rows. You change colours as you work each row in order to keep the right pattern.

Screenshot (1)

White represented the UP row, Black the DOWN row- after the first 30 or so…

It’s time consuming because I personally had to have my computer set up next to me and mark off each row. No matter how many times I tried to print out my graph it just didn’t compare to marking it off on the computer, so obviously I was limited to working on it at home with a specific set up.

The first and last 30 rows or so were just pure block colour (Stone in Stylecraft Special DK). So they were very quick to work up, the rest however was a bit more difficult…


First few rows of Stone


First pop of colour!


Love the Wisteria

Here it is starting to come together…


The Y


The L’s and a bunch of ends

Luckily for me I decided early in the project to weave my ends in as I went, so once I got to a certain amount I banned myself from doing any other rows before I had gotten most of them out of the way. It was actually pretty satisfying really- mostly because you could then see it all unobstructed by the bloody ends!


The home stretch! Finished the U, C and polishing off the S


Hitting the final decrease was bliss!



I contemplated leaving the crisp straight edge but I fell deeply in love with the scallops ❤️ It also made the blanket look like a giant Nice biscuit which I couldn’t go past!


So there you have it folks!


The project is only took me roughly 4 months to make (in between other projects) which is a record for me!


Thank you all for being so so patient and following my project along the way… I hope the intrigue kept you interested and it was worth the wait!

I loved making the blanket & I hope it’s new family enjoys it just as much as I did making it!


Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed this blanket or want to know any other details!



Pattern testing the Pastelova… 

The lovely Lily from knothing_usual allowed me to pattern test her amazing Pastelova cushion cover pattern this week!

She’s also hosting a ridiculously good giveaway on her instagram! Partnered with Paintbox yarns, she’s giving two lucky winners the chance to win the Pastelova pattern & 8 balls of the amazing cotton yarn- enough to make the cushion.

Here are some pics of my progress along the way!


Just getting started on the front side, only a few rows in…

Patterns like this are so fun to make because the more rows you add, the more intricate it becomes & every row adds another dimension to the project.


One of my favourite rows! 😍

I chose to use some left over yarn & do a bit of stash busting, but actually fell in love with these colours together…

Finished front side of the Pastelova!

One of my favourite things about the pattern is the different stitch combinations which make this textured 3D effect


Close up! Such crisp edges

I’ve never made a mandala like this before so it was a learning curb for me. Now that I’ve polished it off I’m feeling much more confident with my crochet skills!

Top view

Don’t get me wrong, I did end up frogging quite a few parts… but I think that was mostly because I wasn’t paying attention & reading the instructions as thoroughly as I should have been.

Here’s the front & backside. Front side complete, backside was still growing

Making the cushion cover was also really enjoyable for me because I usually pick long term projects like blankets… So this is a smaller, & much more achievable in a few days.

Last few rows of the backside! Love the simple edging & stripes of colour

If you work full time & are as busy as I am, It’s an added bonus to pick up a project & be able to see the finishing line!


Joining the two sides with a simple single crochet edging

I will be posting a proper completed photo once I buy an insert for the cushion cover.

Overall, I’d give this pattern a solid thumbs up! I really did enjoy it, and it is absolutely beautiful when it’s finished. Such a fun addition to my couch.

All that’s left to do is decide who to gift it to 😄



2017 so far…

Hi All!

So many great projects this year already!

I can’t believe how fast this year has actually gone! It feels like only yesterday that we brought in the new year…

Honestly we had a pretty bad couple of months first up in 2017:

  • Sulla had massive health issues with the costs hitting the thousands. He was so bad we thought he’d never walk properly again. His quality of life changed dramatically within a couple of days
  • Rented yet another apartment (we’ve moved almost every year for the last 3 years)
  • Stress of real estates wanting to increase the rent or get rid of us
  • Convincing the BF to buy a place instead of renting
  • Attempted to save money for said house
  • More real estates & buyers agents mucking us around

Poor Sulla, sleepy & shaved after surgery & multiple tests

The day we brought him home after surgery

Luckily for us,

  • Sulla recovered from his health problems almost miraculously, even though he is still on medication and will never be rid of his condition
  • Pet insurance paid for ALL of the vet bills (bar a small excess)
  •  I managed to eventually convince the BF to buy a place
  • We told the Buyers agents to piss off and I found the apartment myself
  • We left our last ever rented apartment and BOUGHT one of our own in March! (can’t believe we’ve already been there for 2 months!)

Grown back most of his fur, much healthier & happier!

I’m actually amazed at how at home we feel having bought our own place. The freedom is absolutely incredible I can’t even describe it. I have to say that 90% of our issues and stress as a family was centred around renting.

Me & Guy out the front of our new apartment (happy yet exhausted)

But you know what, I’m writing this post from a place of extreme gratefulness. Most people I’ve come across lately are being plagued by issues, stresses and unhappy lives. It’s times like these where you have to stop & just soak up the good and remember just how lucky we are ❤️

Here we go!

Welcome to Colourful Crochet!

I am completely new to this whole blog posting thing so please bear with me 🙂

I thought I’d keep this one simple, quick and light…

16487444_10155065324525955_7166444184125371196_o (1)

This is me! I go by Ash and this is my Bernese mountain dog Sulla- named after Sulla Felix Ancient roman dictator. Sulla fortunately, is more a dictator of love and hugs than death & destruction but I’m prattling on.

Fortunate for me and others, most of the photos of me involve Sulla

This blog, I’ve decided is mostly going chronicle my crochet projects. Firstly to help me not forget every small detail but also to share the love with all my fellow crochet enthusiasts.

I’m hoping to gain some new friends, new skills and share a bit of me a long the way, so please comment and chat to me if you’d like! Don’t be shy!

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with some lovely photos of my newest project…



Pattern: Bella Coco 

Hook: 4.5mm

Yarn: 8ply Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic & Luxury wool


Love those ridges!


Weekend tea time with the chevron!

It’s a bit of a stashbuster for me, the yarn I’m using originally came from my crochet mood blanket 2015 (below)


Finished with a picot border


Close up 🙂

Anyway! That’s all for my first post, I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself so far!

Until next time!

Ash x