Here we go!

Welcome to Colourful Crochet!

I am completely new to this whole blog posting thing so please bear┬áwith me ­čÖé

I thought I’d keep this one simple, quick and light…

16487444_10155065324525955_7166444184125371196_o (1)

This is me! I go by Ash and this is my Bernese mountain dog Sulla- named after Sulla Felix Ancient roman dictator. Sulla fortunately, is more a dictator of love and hugs than death & destruction but I’m prattling on.

Fortunate for me and others, most of the photos of me involve Sulla

This blog, I’ve decided is mostly going chronicle my crochet projects. Firstly┬áto help me not forget every small detail┬ábut also to share the love with all my fellow crochet enthusiasts.

I’m hoping┬áto gain some new friends, new skills and share a bit of me a long the way, so please comment and chat to me if you’d like! Don’t be shy!

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with some lovely photos of my newest project…



Pattern: Bella Coco 

Hook: 4.5mm

Yarn: 8ply Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic & Luxury wool


Love those ridges!


Weekend tea time with the chevron!

It’s a bit of a stashbuster for me, the yarn I’m using originally came from my crochet mood blanket 2015 (below)


Finished with a picot border


Close up ­čÖé

Anyway! That’s all for my first post, I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself so far!

Until next time!

Ash x


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