2017 so far…

Hi All!

So many great projects this year already!

I can’t believe how fast this year has actually gone! It feels like only yesterday that we brought in the new year…

Honestly we had a pretty bad couple of months first up in 2017:

  • Sulla had massive health issues with the costs hitting the thousands. He was so bad we thought he’d never walk properly again. His quality of life changed dramatically within a couple of days
  • Rented yet another apartment (we’ve moved almost every year for the last 3 years)
  • Stress of real estates wanting to increase the rent or get rid of us
  • Convincing the BF to buy a place instead of renting
  • Attempted to save money for said house
  • More real estates & buyers agents mucking us around

Poor Sulla, sleepy & shaved after surgery & multiple tests

The day we brought him home after surgery

Luckily for us,

  • Sulla recovered from his health problems almost miraculously, even though he is still on medication and will never be rid of his condition
  • Pet insurance paid for ALL of the vet bills (bar a small excess)
  •  I managed to eventually convince the BF to buy a place
  • We told the Buyers agents to piss off and I found the apartment myself
  • We left our last ever rented apartment and BOUGHT one of our own in March! (can’t believe we’ve already been there for 2 months!)

Grown back most of his fur, much healthier & happier!

I’m actually amazed at how at home we feel having bought our own place. The freedom is absolutely incredible I can’t even describe it. I have to say that 90% of our issues and stress as a family was centred around renting.

Me & Guy out the front of our new apartment (happy yet exhausted)

But you know what, I’m writing this post from a place of extreme gratefulness. Most people I’ve come across lately are being plagued by issues, stresses and unhappy lives. It’s times like these where you have to stop & just soak up the good and remember just how lucky we are ❤️


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