Pattern testing the Pastelova… 

The lovely Lily from knothing_usual allowed me to pattern test her amazing Pastelova cushion cover pattern this week!

She’s also hosting a ridiculously good giveaway on her instagram! Partnered with Paintbox yarns, she’s giving two lucky winners the chance to win the Pastelova pattern & 8 balls of the amazing cotton yarn- enough to make the cushion.

Here are some pics of my progress along the way!


Just getting started on the front side, only a few rows in…

Patterns like this are so fun to make because the more rows you add, the more intricate it becomes & every row adds another dimension to the project.


One of my favourite rows! 😍

I chose to use some left over yarn & do a bit of stash busting, but actually fell in love with these colours together…

Finished front side of the Pastelova!

One of my favourite things about the pattern is the different stitch combinations which make this textured 3D effect


Close up! Such crisp edges

I’ve never made a mandala like this before so it was a learning curb for me. Now that I’ve polished it off I’m feeling much more confident with my crochet skills!

Top view

Don’t get me wrong, I did end up frogging quite a few parts… but I think that was mostly because I wasn’t paying attention & reading the instructions as thoroughly as I should have been.

Here’s the front & backside. Front side complete, backside was still growing

Making the cushion cover was also really enjoyable for me because I usually pick long term projects like blankets… So this is a smaller, & much more achievable in a few days.

Last few rows of the backside! Love the simple edging & stripes of colour

If you work full time & are as busy as I am, It’s an added bonus to pick up a project & be able to see the finishing line!


Joining the two sides with a simple single crochet edging

I will be posting a proper completed photo once I buy an insert for the cushion cover.

Overall, I’d give this pattern a solid thumbs up! I really did enjoy it, and it is absolutely beautiful when it’s finished. Such a fun addition to my couch.

All that’s left to do is decide who to gift it to 😄




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