My Secret C2C project revealed!

So my very patient followers, I cannot wait to share with you my top secret C2C project!!!


Project colours in Stylecraft Special DK (left to right) Stone, Turquoise, Aspen, Magenta, Clematis, Wisteria

Yarn pegs by The Polka Dot Giraffe

I’ve been working on it for months, posting only snippets in photos. It’s actually been really really hard not to show progress updates in fear I would give the whole project away!

But here she FINALLY is!







Mama bear Scully showing it off


I’m calling it my Super Secret Scully blanket 😄❤️😄

My high school best friend is due to have a lovely little girl very soon and I wanted to surprise her with something special. Her and her hubby’s surname is Scully (they wouldn’t give little baby’s name away of course!) so I thought it was quite fitting. This way Mama bear, baby bunny and any future little Scully’s can use this blanket too!


Literally finished the border moments before I left for the baby shower

It measures 1 metre by 1.5 metres so it’s a perfect nursing/cot blanket. I sneakily asked Mama bear for the font she used on her baby announcement & went to work in secret.



The scallop border was my favourite part

I used a site called Stitchfiddle to create a graphghan- plotting each square to work the Scully into the blanket. For those of you new to the c2c method, you work clusters of double crochet diagonally, alternating between working up and down the rows. You change colours as you work each row in order to keep the right pattern.

Screenshot (1)

White represented the UP row, Black the DOWN row- after the first 30 or so…

It’s time consuming because I personally had to have my computer set up next to me and mark off each row. No matter how many times I tried to print out my graph it just didn’t compare to marking it off on the computer, so obviously I was limited to working on it at home with a specific set up.

The first and last 30 rows or so were just pure block colour (Stone in Stylecraft Special DK). So they were very quick to work up, the rest however was a bit more difficult…


First few rows of Stone


First pop of colour!


Love the Wisteria

Here it is starting to come together…


The Y


The L’s and a bunch of ends

Luckily for me I decided early in the project to weave my ends in as I went, so once I got to a certain amount I banned myself from doing any other rows before I had gotten most of them out of the way. It was actually pretty satisfying really- mostly because you could then see it all unobstructed by the bloody ends!


The home stretch! Finished the U, C and polishing off the S


Hitting the final decrease was bliss!



I contemplated leaving the crisp straight edge but I fell deeply in love with the scallops ❤️ It also made the blanket look like a giant Nice biscuit which I couldn’t go past!


So there you have it folks!


The project is only took me roughly 4 months to make (in between other projects) which is a record for me!


Thank you all for being so so patient and following my project along the way… I hope the intrigue kept you interested and it was worth the wait!

I loved making the blanket & I hope it’s new family enjoys it just as much as I did making it!


Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed this blanket or want to know any other details!




8 thoughts on “My Secret C2C project revealed!

  1. Elizabeth Harvey says:

    Love the story behind the blanket. When I saw the blanket on IG I thought it was Scully from the X-files! This is much better. Had a quick look at the stitchdiddle site. May just join and try it. Oops! Not yet, creating more WIPs. Beautiful work Ash. Your friend will love it and it’s gender neutral.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Colourful.Crochet says:

      Thanks for your kind words Liz! How great would an X-files blanket be haha! Definitely try out StitchFiddle when you’ve finished all of your other wips.


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