Goodbye June… 

June Projects!

Here we are, bidding farewell to June & welcoming in July. I’m hoping that this month brings along a lot more positivity and creative opportunities. I feel like a lot of my energy got caught up in attempting to finish old projects I just didn’t have my heart in. I’m looking forward to July and some new exciting & fresh projects.

Loving the change in seasons and the leaves changing colours!


Even though I’ve said all of that I’ve made some great progress & actually finished a couple of projects I didn’t expect to have done.

I added a few extra rows onto my greatly neglected ombre wooleater

I pattern tested the Pastelova cushion cover which turned out amazing.

I posted the final reveal of my Super secret Scully Blanket 😁

I’ve meant well for the most part. But I do find it really hard to keep my crojo going when I compare my projects to other pages on Instagram, where these awesome people are capable of knocking over an entire blanket in like 3 days, no, sweat..
It’s hard to not compare but I just have to keep reminding myself that you’ve just got to run your own race…

Let me know what great new projects you’re looking forward to trying in July!




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