July wrap up! 

Here we are, another month gone in 2017! So many exciting projects started this month & I hit an amazing milestone of over 7k Instagram followers 😃💖

I started a few great new projects in July, including my two main events the Cosy Clusters baby blanket by Lee Lee knits & the Stitched Up Craft Chevron.

I’ve been having a great time working on the Cosy clusters blanket, another stashbuster again (who would have guessed 😂) but I couldn’t let these amazing colours sit around forever! I decided that it’s going to be a gift for my cousin who’s due to have a little boy later this year.

The stripes are super quick and I think they work into a really effective pattern, I’m so happy with how the colours look together and the texture itself is to die for 😍

The yarn is Stylecraft special DK in the following colours: Stone, Turquoise, Aspen, Magenta, Clematis and Wisteria,… The same beautiful colours I used for my Scully blanket!


I’ve also had a great time pattern testing the #stitchedupcraftchevron for a great gal Kylie from @stitchedupcraft! This is a lovely smooth ripple blanket, super simple but very very effective…

The colour combination possibilities for this amazing blanket are absolutely endless, but I pulled out my @thepolkadotgiraffe yarn pegs, did some planning & chose this deep ombre palette

To be honest, I get asked a lot for gender neutral baby blankets and I cant stand them!!!

I love using other colour combinations that aren’t the typical yellow, green, white etc. Even though this colourway is a bit darker, I think the ombre shades look lovely together!

And seriously, who can go past a beautiful rippling ripple?! I always forget how soothing the process of making a ripple can be… perfect therapy for us crafters!

Once the pattern has been tested it will be up for sale in Kylie’s marvellous Etsy shop, I highly recommend trying it when you can!

One last project I started was the Campfire Cardigan by the Make and Do Crew.

Guys… this is such a great Cardi! From the moment I saw it I knew I had to make it.

I’m using Painbox Simply Aran yarn (first time user and LOVING it) in colours Bubblegum Pink, Blush Pink, Candyfloss Pink and Vanilla Cream! (grey I decided to keep for another secret project)

I found it a bit tricky transitioning to a thicker yarn and a massive massive crochet hook, but the biggest plus was that it worked up ridiculously fast.

I’m currently on part two of the tutorial and hoping to have it finished this week if I find time.

Anyway, time to love you and leave you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s wrap up!

Let me know what you’ve been up to this month by leaving me a comment below

Until next time…




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