DIY outdoor planter

Hey guys!

Here I am again, just a quick one this time to let you know what’s been happening the past couple of days.

Long story short my BF and I bought our very first apartment back in March & we’ve been using artificial grass outside for our dog Sulla.

Now before you freak out, let me preface this post by saying that he gets walks twice a day and is the biggest laziest dog you ever did see.

He loves being indoors & snuggling on the couch so a massive outdoor space isn’t really for him.

The artificial grass was meant to be temporary until we built our own planter…

After a couple of months of laziness while taking some inspiration from Addison’s post on planting grass on concrete, we finally got our acts together & bought all the materials to make our very own proper DIY grass planter!

The space before

Part of the outdoor space with the artificial grass removed

First level of wood planters secured

Weed catcher attached to the bottom level

Sulla loved supervising but had no idea what was going on 😂

Second level secured!

Here he is… Still wondering…

Drove a trolley into the apartment because there was so much

Bags and bags of soil…

Of course we underestimated just how much we’d need…

PVC pipe connected to the drain temporarily. Steps, artificial turf & a tonne more soil!

The planter itself is about 2 metres squared. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a TA DAH post soon when we’re finished.

Look how happy Sulla looks already!

Right now it’s Sunday and we’ve thrown the artificial turf back on top for now. We’ve still got a fair bit of filling to go but I think we’ve made good progress in the last two days.

Next we’ll be planting the real grass turf, letting it settle in & grow!

I’m so excited to see how much Sulla enjoys it!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend & my post! 😊





2 thoughts on “DIY outdoor planter

  1. Dale Fitz-Hetald says:

    I enjoyed your post heaps Ash! Very entertaining, looking forward to the outcome and more pics LOL Dale ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love to Guy n Sulla too 😍


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