5 Easy steps to grow your Instagram following!

Hi Everyone & welcome to my newest post!

I just wanted to start by saying- I am definitely not an expert, but these 5 steps are tried and tested by yours truly and I have found they work really well!

So please dive in!

A quick bit of backstory…

A couple of weeks ago, one of my good friends (a super smart career driven woman) suggested that one of her friends talk to me about his social media presence.

Initially I thought to myself, I’m not sure how much knowledge or help I have to give anyone on the subject… but as we started talking and I started asking him questions, I came to realise I might know a little more than I thought!

Now just a bit of a disclaimer- this post is for people who are in for the long haul!

Growing your Instagram takes time and patience… if you don’t have these, then there’s no way you’ll get your Insta to a level you’re truly happy with.

Ok, so humour me, this next part is important.

I want you to take 2 minutes and write down your answers to these 4 questions: 

1. What is your main goal on social media?

2. What is your page all about? (photography, makeup, craft etc)

3. How will your page be unique?

4. What page(s) do you aspire to be like?

For the purpose of this article, I will talk solely about my crochet page- but these steps can be applied to a whole range of Instagram pages, so give it a go!

OK, so now that we’ve answered the four questions above, we’ll move on.

Step 1: Research your community 

Do your research!

Can’t stress this step enough.

Spend some time finding out what community you belong to. Ask yourself where will your page fit in?

We are aiming to focused your ideas and overall page, so be specific and narrow it down as much as you can.

Photographers? Artists? Comedians? Crafters? Are you a hybrid of two?

There are a ridiculous amount to choose from BUT… “where your page fits” on Instagram should be pretty obvious once you’ve answered question 2.

Get on Instagram, search & find your community




Found it?


Now,  lets move on to step two…


Step 2: Find pages you like

This sounds simple, but it does take some time. When you’re researching your community, keep an eye out for pages you really enjoy.

Spend some time in your community, finding pages that are popular. I’m talking about pages that are getting some interaction. These don’t necessarily have to have thousands of followers, but they should be pages that have stuff going on!

I want you to find pages that you aspire to be like, that give you inspiration, make you happy and that you would 100% follow without even thinking twice.

A good rule of thumb is if you’re spending more than a couple of minutes deciding whether or not you like the page, thats your queue to move on. Go with your gut.

The easiest way to identify a “winning page”: 

  • Would I like their first 6 images?
  • Are their images eye catching?
  • Are they fun/colourful/trendy?
  • Does their page have a unique & central theme?

You can also explore Instagram through the Instagram search bar– I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent just scrolling through, watching videos and discovering new, fun pages that I love to follow.


Step 3: Start getting involved

Now that you’ve found some “winning” pages start getting involved!

Start following these people/pages. Comment on some of their posts that you really like. You are aiming to start a dialogue within your community, with the authors of these pages.

Here’s an example: There are so so so many people in the Crafters/crochet community. I have met some great people who are now my fun online friends! We share patterns, advice, swap stories and experiences. The more personal you get the better!

Start thinking of Instagram as a networking tool to make new contacts and friends! 🙌


Step 4: Comment and Like GENUINELY 

Ok, so here are my cardinal rules. Ready?




It may seem simple BUT these are great rules to live by on Instagram.

If you spend your time liking and following random pages just for the sake of following- you’ll never have a solid fan base. I don’t believe in the “follow me and I’ll follow back” approach. It may seem harsh, but unless I really enjoy your page, I don’t see the point in following just to have a random follow me back.

By ONLY liking and following pages that are relevant to your page (or that you are interested in), you will solidify your page’s position in your community. This will ensure you keep LONG TERM followers.


Step 5: Experiment 

Post GOOD quality photos! I can’t stress this enough!!!!

Don’t rush and post photos that you are unhappy with- spend the extra time to take nice, good quality photos in natural light.

This part is a bit and tedious BUT will give you much better results. I work full-time & barely get home in time to capture the light, so I spend part of the weekend, just photographing the projects I’ve been working on all week. This way I have content to stagger and release over the following week.


Not so amazing photo, crinkled & thrown together


Natural light, white crisp background, flat & neat with a catchy tagline


Don’t post just photos- try posting videos! Make sure you get creative with your posting, get out of your comfort zone.

Keep track of how each post goes and which form your followers enjoy most. If you aren’t sure which format works best, ask your followers! Try hosting a poll in your Instagram story for some accurate results 🙂 You can also try Instagram stories for quick posts or updates that you don’t mind losing in 24hrs.

Be sure to respond to the comments left by your followers- What we really want is mutual reciprocation. If you genuinely love a post from someone you follow, tell them! In turn, they will probably find some of your content great too!

I personally find that the more pages you follow and support genuinely, the more follow on support for your page you will receive.


I cannot stress this enough- Be genuine through your comments/follows and interactions and you will find that your page has the potential for exponential growth!

Lastly, keep at it. It’s an ongoing process, it’s not going to happen overnight so hang in there. 🙂


Please leave me a comment if you found this post helpful & update me on how you’re page is going after using these 5 Easy steps to grow your Instagram!


Ash ❤



3 thoughts on “5 Easy steps to grow your Instagram following!

  1. Nisreen Aliasger says:

    Your Steps have been an eye opener
    Thank you for your goodness in sharing
    It says a lot about how good you are
    Thank you dear
    Loads of. Love to you
    Nisreen A

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