Another C2C reveal!

Hi guys!

I’ve got to apologise.. it’s been aaaaages since my last post.

I don’t have a good excuse, honestly towards the end of the year I lost my crojo & most of my motivation for the crafty side of life.

Of course at the very end of my holidays my creative juices have started flowing again.

So without further ado here it is!





Please excuse that wobbly looking RHS,  I took this in a RUSH before it had a good block!

The Scott blanket!

One of my closest friends commissioned me to make this for her lovely friend who is expecting! As soon as she found out the sex of the baby, yarn was bought, the design was picked and once I got my hands on that yarn off I went!


I made this blanket using the C2C method after designing the chart myself through StitchFiddle. You follow the links in my Scully blanket that gives you a breakdown of how to design your own.
I used Paintbox Simply DK (chosen by my friend) in Stormy grey and Seafoam Blue, perfect baby blanket colours for the little boy it was gifted to!

Close up!

This is the second C2C name blanket that I’ve made. I also finished off my Scully blanket with the same simple scallop edging. I just can’t go past this border! I think it just makes it so soft and cuddly 😄

Close up of the “OTT”

This blanket went to a family with the surname Scott. I can’t wait to find out the little boy’s first name when he arrives!

If you give C2C a try, remember to keep all of your ends organised! The above happened to me a few times when I rushed to put the project away. I then had so much unnecessary tangling happen.

I bought a few metal paper towel holders from the discount store so I could center pull my yarn as I went. It was much easier and better organised than my last time because of them!


The absolute feeling of bliss when you finally hit the decrease 😍

Here’s another hurried progress shot one night on the couch.. Unfortunately I didn’t document my progress as well as last time.


This blanket did end up taking me a lot longer than I’d hoped- started October 2017 finished January 2018. Like I said, I lost a lot of crojo this year…


But there you have it! Another lovely baby name blanket

Until next time!



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