Twin Ombre Chevrons

It's baby season and I've been struggling to keep up with the baby blanket demand! My solution was to make a couple of these boy/girl ombre chevrons


Another C2C reveal!

Hi guys! I've got to apologise.. it's been aaaaages since my last post. I don't have a good excuse, honestly towards the end of the year I lost my crojo & most of my motivation for the crafty side of life. Of course at the very end of my holidays my creative juices have started … Continue reading Another C2C reveal!


To celebrate my amazing 10K Instagram followers, I’m offering this great GIVEAWAY package! I’ve heard all of your lovely comments so I am giving one lucky winner the chance to recreate my #cozyclusters baby blanket! You will receive: A pdf copy of the cozy clusters baby blanket pattern by Lee Lee Knits 6 x balls … Continue reading GIVEAWAY!

DIY outdoor planter

Hey guys! Here I am again, just a quick one this time to let you know what's been happening the past couple of days. Long story short my BF and I bought our very first apartment back in March & we've been using artificial grass outside for our dog Sulla. Now before you freak out, … Continue reading DIY outdoor planter

July wrap up! 

Here we are, another month gone in 2017! So many exciting projects started this month & I hit an amazing milestone of over 7k Instagram followers 😃💖 I started a few great new projects in July, including my two main events the Cosy Clusters baby blanket by Lee Lee knits & the Stitched Up Craft … Continue reading July wrap up! 

Rainbow Chevron

Hi Guys! Today I'm sharing my new Rainbow Chevron! It's one of my many WIP's at the moment. Its a great project because you can add little rows quickly whenever you have time. The downside of it is that you're using single crochet for every row which means it takes aaaaaaages to get bigger :/Continue reading Rainbow Chevron

Goodbye June… 

Here we are, bidding farewell to June & welcoming in July. I'm hoping that this month brings along a lot more positivity and creative opportunities. I feel like a lot of my energy got caught up in attempting to finish old projects I just didn't have my heart in. I'm looking forward to July and … Continue reading Goodbye June… 

2017 so far…

Hi All! I can't believe how fast this year has actually gone! It feels like only yesterday that we brought in the new year... Honestly we had a pretty bad couple of months first up in 2017: Sulla had massive health issues with the costs hitting the thousands. He was so bad we thought he'd … Continue reading 2017 so far…